Energy Saving Projects

Energy Saving Projects

Solar panels
In 2010, the Green Insurance company kindly provided us with a grant to promote solar thermal panels for hot-water heating.  We distributed leaflets, held an information evening, and generally (we hope) provided helpful information to householders considering installing solar panels.

Home insulation
In 2009, O2 funded us to fit 14 homes with free loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, draught excluders, and energy-saving bulbs etc.

Jute bag project
GreenFerry was one of the first groups to promote jute bags – long before the supermarkets cottoned on to the idea.  We had 100 bags printed with our logo, and sold these to the community at a small profit.  Some of the bags are still in existence and can be seen about the town.


One of our early projects was to collect aluminium cans.  Cath, one of our committee members, would collect these from local outlets, bag them up, and send them off for recycling.


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