Woodland Conservation

Woodland conservation

GreenFerry has had a hand in many improvements to our local woodlands.

Vat Run Woodland
The Vat Run is more than a set of mountain-bike trails.  We have an ongoing programme of planting from a woodland management plan we had drawn up for us by the Community Woodlands Association (CWA).

We are also working with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).  With their help, we have organised various task days. Recent improvements to the site have been:

  • Removal of spreading scrub species such as bramble and wild rose
  • Minor pruning and thinning of woodland edges to improve habitats for planting
  • Planting native woodland tree and shrub species to improve biodiversity
  • Planting native wildflower plugs to increase range of species
  • Increased carbon sequestration by increasing area of land covered by trees and planting slow-growing native broadleaved species.

Echline Community Woodland

Echline Community Woodland is the only woodland in Scotland owned by a Community Council (Queensferry and District Community Council).   It is maintained by a small group of enthusiastic and willing volunteers who organise working events twice a year in spring and autumn.   GreenFerry members help out from time to time, and lend tools when necessary.

Ferry Glen

The Ferry Glen is another local woodland lovingly restored by a dedicated group of volunteers.  They are out every two weeks, usually Monday mornings, picking up litter, trimming back tress, clearing paths, and generally keeping the area in good order.  

This group works tirelessly, and in partnership with others, to improve the area and has been responsible for new paths, stairs, signage, and access points.  They have organised herb walks, bird walks, moth trapping and many other events to promote the use of this area.

GreenFerry volunteers have taken part in conservation work, and often supply tools for Ferry Glen activities.

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