Art projects

Art Projects

Hawthorn Bank Artwork

We have been chosen as one of Edinburgh Shoreline projects, an exciting, new, community centred initiative celebrating the city’s 27km coastline. The project funded local sculptor and letter carver Simon Burns-Cox to carve some inspirational text. GreenFerry chose the words Still, Joy, Life, Anicca (meaning impermanence) and a symbol, The Eye of Horus, to reflect the sense of peace, community and inspiration we wanted to create in the walled garden.


Mosaics Project
Newsflash: Mosaic to be sited at Hawthorn Bank Walled Garden!
GreenFerry members took part in a local mosaic project to create a 50-foot mural for the town.  This took a number of years. Until the transformation of Hawthorn bank, there wasn’t a site suitable for displaying the mosaic in its true glory. Well done to Mike and Gary from Common Ground Arts for initiating this.

Drama Project
As one of the first groups to gain a Waste Aware grant, we ran on our first ever eco-drama project.  We asked a local playwright and a comedian to lead drama sessions for children aged 9-12.  Over six weeks, they wrote their own play which we used as the central feature in an event to promote recycling.  Over 200 people attended on the evening.  They enjoyed the play, and visited the various stalls.  A great success by all accounts.

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